Add the Power of GPLink Remote Monitoring to Any Outboard Powered Vessel

GPLink_NMEAgplink is a feature-laden remote monitoring and notification system that utilizes a worldwide network of GSM and low orbit satellites to transmit crucial data and stats about a vessels’ propulsion systems in near real-time. Now, this impressive technology connects to any NMEA 2000 backbone with the ability to monitor up to 5 engines with a single unobtrusive box and provide around-the-clock live monitoring for affordable, reliable protection.

Previously only available on larger inboard yachts and commercial vessels, this new integration provides the many benefits and peace of mind that the gplink Remote Monitoring system offers to NMEA 2000 compatible boats. Monitoring a vessel’s location, engine performance, fuel burn and identified issues is simple through gplink‘s secure online portal. Owners can monitor many parameters of their vessel through any device including a laptop, tablet or smartphone and also access multiple years of data which is beneficial at resale time to prove engine health, performance and fitness, helping to get top dollar. Specific parameters which can be monitored include vessel speed, engine speed (RPM’s), engine boost pressure (if applicable), engine and coolant temperature, oil pressure, fuel burn rates and all trouble codes.

If an alarm is triggered, owners and other authorized users receive notification of alarm conditions of the vessel by text or email from gplink‘s U.S. based monitoring headquarters. In addition, an owner can set up geofencing for their vessel which notifies the user of unauthorized movement, hazard areas to avoid, or other locations which can be set up through the secure gplink online portal.

GPLink NMEA2000The new NMEA 2000 compatible gplink Remote Monitoring system is designed to be installed by the user and includes factory compatible wiring harnesses for any major outboard engine manufacturer plus a puck antenna and dual or tri-band dome antenna depending on kit purchased along with detailed installation instructions.

With monitoring plans starting under $800 per year, this robust service is also incredibly affordable and has the potential to pay for itself in fuel savings and costly repairs with early detection of engine problems and abnormal running conditions. In addition, most insurance companies offer discounts on premiums for live/active monitoring systems installed. This newest technology developed by gplink expands their offerings to the marine market by offering the strength of gplink‘s proven remote monitoring system and global support team to the owners and operators of gasoline outboard powered vessels with the NMEA 2000 interface.