Commercial Vessels & Fleets

gplink  monitors your commercial vessels and equipment, allowing you to detect anomalies before they turn into problems. Minimize downtime and maximize your workboat productivity, all from the convenience of your computer or mobile device. Whether you manage a single vessel or a vast fleet, gplink is an invaluable tool designed to help keep your vessels on the water longer and increase your bottom line.


Increase Efficiency and the Bottom Line

Operators of commercial fleets can view multiple assets or follow specific equipment. Monitoring and improving operating habits have proven to be extremely valuable tools for resource management.

gplink can be configured to monitor the data points that matter most to you, including:





Battery strength


Engine RPM

Oil Pressure

Engine hours

Coolant temp

Intake manifold temps

Compressor inlet temp

Oil temp

Fuel burn rate (by engine)

Engine load

Total fuel used

Average fuel burn

Alert Type

Alert tripped time/date

Alert cleared time/date

Time in alert state

Alert logs

Sportfishing & Pleasure Craft

gplink protects your boat while you are away or onboard by monitoring engines and critical systems. This includes bilge levels, smoke alarms, low batteries, power interruption, and engine diagnostic codes – all while tracking the precise location of your boat. With just a couple clicks you can set up boundary alarms based on GPS coordinates, and gplink will notify you immediately via phone call, e-mail or text message of any unauthorized movement of your boat, as well as any detected alarm conditions.

gplink transponders

How It Works

gplink is composed of precision sensors attached to critical monitoring points and the onboard engine control network, which now includes the NMEA 2000 interface. These sensors feed information to an independent multi-carrier GSM cellular and Iridium LEO satellite interface with 16-channel GPS tracking. The system sends vessel information to our data center in near real-time and can be monitored remotely on any device.


Power Generation Systems

gplink remote monitoring can be deployed on any power generation system and is a cost-effective tool to monitor assets across multiple facilities, such as medical complexes, hospitals, distribution centers, school campuses, restaurant chains, municipalities and rental fleets. The gplink system can be used by operators in monitoring, testing, troubleshooting and preventive maintenance capacities to help your organization save substantial time and money.

Data You Desire

gplink monitors generators using J1939 CAN connections or Modbus interface and can be configured to display the data that is most important to your goals. gplink is capable of reporting on a large variety of data sets for power generation equipment, including:

Engine hours

Battery voltage

Coolant temp


Average volts

Average amps

Phase A volts

Phase B volts

Phase C volts

Phase A current

Phase B current

Phase C current

KW/reading/power factor

Fuel differential pressure

Exhaust temp

Remote stop/start including e-stop

Generator running

Warning common alarm

Shutdown common alarm

Low fuel/high fuel

Gen breaker open

Battery charger failure

Not in auto

Low oil pressure shutdown

High coolant temp shutdown

Generator supplying load

Remote start signal active

Generator supplying load




Rupture basin alarm – optional

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