Remote Monitoring

gplink remotely monitors the most critical parameters of your engines or generators as well as select auxiliary systems. These capabilities allow you to monitor your assets from anywhere in the world. Technicians can also remotely access any fault codes or operating conditions to provide support for your equipment.


On-Demand Diagnostics

Look in on your assets from any internet enabled computer, smart phone or mobile device. Owners, operators and engineers can track operating parameters and assess system efficiency in near real-time.


Deep Integration

gplink can interface with more DM and DM2 codes than any other remote monitoring solution and the dashboard configuration can be customized to track the diagnostics that are most important to you or your organization.


At Your Service

Authorized representatives from the dealer network can utilize gplink to remotely assess your system’s operation or alarm condition – potentially eliminating preliminary service visits.


Location Tracking

gplink remotely tracks the global positioning of your assets in near real-time via the GSM or Iridium satellite networks. The tracking tools allow for live views of your assets, historic route plotting, and advanced geofencing capabilities with all the convenience of the familiar Google Maps interface.


Route History

Follow your equipment’s position, speed and heading while it’s being operated or plot past routes with the dynamic date and time search capabilities.


Fleet Management

Operators of commercial fleets can view multiple assets or follow specific equipment. Monitoring and improving operating habits have proven to be extremely valuable.



Define geofence boundaries with a few simple clicks. When an asset enters or exits a geofence, alert notifications are automatically triggered.

Alerts & Notifications

gplink is designed to notify you of any alarm conditions that may occur. Alert notifications are sent automatically via SMS text message and/or email, as well as alerting the gplink concierge.


Engine Alarms

gplink monitors all critical engine vitals and sends notifications when an alarm status is activated. This includes fluid levels and temperatures, check engine codes, electrical and exhaust status, and much more.

Critical Systems

Your gplink system can be configured to monitor other critical systems on your vessel or power generation unit, including smoke detection, AC power, and battery and bilge levels.

Location, Location, Location

Geofence notifications are also sent via the alert system. All engine and critical system alerts are accompanied by GPS location data, so in the event of an emergency, you know exactly where things stand.


Archive Everything


Monthly Digests


On-Demand Reports

Logs & Reports

Beyond showing you near real-time data, gplink also archives all data, which can be referenced at any time. 

On-demand reports can be compiled by date range, shift, alarms, DM codes, geofences, engine logs and position to easily identify problems or wasteful habits.

You’ll also receive monthly updates on any alarms received during the month, a complete engine diagnostic report and other important updates.

Unobtrusive Installation

The gplink system has a small, unobtrusive footprint, with no exterior mountings or aerials required. Due to the deeply integrated engine monitoring, installation typically takes about 4 to 5 hours. The installation technician will consult with you on placement before mounting and run a full battery of tests before helping you get familiar with the system.

GPLink NMEA2000

Optional RF Sensors

gplink can interface with new or existing security sensors to be monitored remotely or by on-board control panel.


Peace of Mind

Beyond the technical features of the platform, there are a plethora of benefits to activating gplink on your power systems. In addition to 24/7 monitoring by the gplink concierge, authorized members of the dealer network can access the system to diagnose any issues with your engines or generators quickly and efficiently.

Digital Accessibility

gplink archives all monitoring data for up to 7 years for your on-demand access. Your engine’s or generator’s historical diagnostic, maintenance and update information is readily accessible for personal, commercial or resale purposes anytime you need it.

Insurance Discounts

The security and maintenance capabilities of gplink have allowed many customers to obtain substantial discounts with their insurance company – in many cases these discounts  are large enough to easily cover the costs of installation!

System Evolution

In short, gplink will always be getting better. We have a lot of great additional features already planned, so the software service you’re buying into now is poised to become even more valuable and beneficial with each future development cycle.