Recently, a gplink customer and fleet owner in the United Kingdom requested assistance with billing. As a provider of support and personnel transportation to oil platforms, his invoices were calculated by rates which were variable – based on the task being performed (standby, work, transit, base, etc.) When asked for assistance, gplink added touchscreens at the helm so the captains could indicate the type of work they were performing.

The calculations, including vessel name, job name, and fuel statistics can be downloaded as needed by point and click into reports which are attached to invoices. Because the invoices were previously based on assumptions, the Fleet Operations Manager quickly realized that he was grossly undercharging for certain classifications of work, and used the reports to justify rate increases.

As gplink’s brand and reputation for vessel monitoring and tracking become more familiar around the globe, we will never lose our passion for customer service and solutions. Just as we continue to further development with our hardware and software we have also recently launched pilot tests of our systems for several different engine manufacturers. When our customers approach us with a challenge, we are always ready to step up to the plate with a solution, whether it be providing additional reports and functionality or even creating a custom touchscreen control system. Put gplink to the test aboard your vessel and see how our renowned system pays for itself over and over with increased efficiency and decreased down time!