Lets face it – for most vessel owners, engines are one of the most critical components aboard. Key to maintaining them are three things: an attentive captain, a strong/reliable engine and support from your engine dealer when you need it.

CAT C32 ACERTgplink is the only tool you need to strengthen these critical relationships by allowing communication at a deeper level, at any time (or all the time if you prefer). gplink vessel owners can provide a technician with access to see the inner workings of their engines. Best of all, at those stressful times when engine problems arise, your engine triggers codes and specific pgn’s to your gplink unit which will then alert you (by text, email and/or a personal phone call from gplink staff.)

For some customers this means requesting that a technician be standing on the dock waiting when their vessel returns from an outing with a problem.

Now THAT’s service!