Gulf RascalRobert, Just wanted to touch base with you after having GPLINK onboard the 68′ Hatteras, Gulf Rascal for the last 6 months. I can’t tell you how happy we are with the system and the service. For me, my boss and anyone else we choose, to be able to constantly monitor the systems and movements of the vessel is truly amazing. On more than one occasion you have personally called my cell phone to advise me of an alarm. Once, while in the boatyard in Puerto Rico, you advised us of AC power loss. Your heads up to me on that problem saved us literally thousands of dollars in spoiled meat and bait. That one incident alone paid for the install and the service. Certainly use me as a reference in the future to recommend GPLINK. Hats off to you and the GPLINK team. I’m looking forward to future enhancements and our use of your system.

Best regards, Capt. Billy Borer
68′ Hatteras – Gulf Rascal