The response to our service was very enthusiastic at the Miami International Boat Show, and as such we have a lot of plans to implement subsequent phases of the gplink service. We’re doing our best to listen to initial feedback and plan our offerings based on the needs we have perceived in the marketplace. One of the areas where we are prepared to leap ahead of the competition is the deep integration of our monitoring service to the electronic & mechanical systems of your Cat® engines.

Superior to it’s competitors, gplink yacht monitoring and diagnostics boasts a  web-based interface offering much more than GPS coordinates and “geo-fence” features. We are actively developing the owner control panel to offer fleet views, alerts, reports, Google Maps mash-ups of current locations and past routes, and a robust package of real-time engine and core systems statistics. These critical engine data points include near-real-time read outs of:
Extended Engine Stats

  • battery levels
  • engine RPM
  • oil pressure
  • coolant temperature
  • fuel burn

All of which we feel our invaluable tools to owners looking to remotely monitor their yacht’s current operation & status. One of the truly great things about developing a software-as-a-service company, is there really is no ceiling on the additional features and benefits we can roll out over the course of our customers’ subscriptions to gplink, and we plan to take full advantage of that strategy.