Follow along in this 4 part series highlighting the basic features of the gplink’s web-based remote monitoring software.

Part 1: Logging In & Managing Your Profile

In this video we cover: Logging in, editing your settings, inputting your vessel information, Adding/Updating your vessels image, & setting up notifications. We also cover how to add phone numbers and email addresses to your alert list, GeoFence notifications, & your assistance list.


Part 2: Viewing & Following your Vessel

In this video we cover: Viewing and tracking your vessel, viewing the positions of where your vessel is at, viewing your waypoints, maps & satellite views of the vessel tracking manager, & the status bar.


Part 3: Using GeoFences

In this video we cover: How to use the GeoFence Manager, the different types of GeoFences, how to create a GeoFence, viewing your GeoFence, editing a GeoFence name, & how to delete a GeoFence. We also explain the GeoFence reports system.


Part 4: Logs & History

In this video we cover: Your vessels position log, your alert history, GeoFence history, & engine log.