Canyon RunnerAs we progress the gplink service we’re hoping to bring you periodic information on noteworthy yachts and installations we make from time to time. A few weeks ago we completed a full monitoring installation on the 60′ Ritchie Howell, Canyon Runner, a tournament-proven custom sportfish yacht.

In addition to the core satellite tracking and engine monitoring, she receieved a full compliment of RF sensors which will provide status reports and alarm notifications for smoke, AC power & bilge water levels. These sensor units are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, and require infrequent periodic maintenance.

Smoke Alarm RF High Water RF AC Power Off RF RF Receiver Unit

The gplink system has also been installed on the 62′ Ritchie Howell, Volatility. These discerning owners have recognized the value of monitoring their boats’ location and critical systems, and we wish them luck and tight lines!